Top 5 Summer Fashion Trends of 2015

Fashion is every woman’s right, right? Irrespective of age and body type, every girl or woman will find something that flatters her body as well as in tune with fashion trends of the season. The summer of 2015 is right round the corner. 

So it is only obvious that this article will help you to get a grip on the existing summer trends that will not only help you look good but fell great too. Here are the top five summer trends that you need to watch out for.

  1. The colour white – Of course, what else can you think of when it comes to summer. Dark hues out, white and other light shades in. White that can be worn from top to toe is given a big nod by designers this year as one of the most wearable fashion trends. White tends to appear every now and then every summer. Flaunt your summer wardrobe with an edgy twist that has finer details of eyelets as well as lace.
  • Cool it with coral – Corals are cooler tones compared to warmer burgundies, maroons and purples that are very wintery. Thus, corals make “hot” (no pun intended) favourite fashion trends for the summer season. Especially if you want to make a departure from cooler tones though they are always welcome in the hot summer months. Instead of being head to toe coral, pair a coral trendy shirt with a pair of white trousers and vice versa. Or you can wear a pair of coral toned shoes to add a dash of much needed colour to cooler or neutral tones.
  • Say it with flowers – Flowers and summer goes hand in hand so why not bring them to your wardrobe as well. Even fauna prints such as leopard and snake prints look great in terms of summer fashion trends. For those tomboy lasses, prints that include palm trees and fronds will impart less of a girly girl image and at the same time keep you in tune with the existing flora and fauna trend. Wear it in your t-shirts, shirts and jumpsuits.
  • Ruffle it up – Give your summer wardrobe this year an edgy twist with ruffles with geometric patterns. Carry this look to your office by having ruffled sleeves or a hemline with a ruffled pattern. Remember, the look should not be a head to toe ruffled look and include smaller ruffle details. 
  • Painted canvas – Last but not the least of the existing summer fashion trends is a plethora of colours on your wardrobe that looks like a painted canvas with brush strokes. Summer is all about a riot of colours everywhere. This particular summer fashion trend allows you to wear all the summery colours at once but without looking too overwhelming.

What’s more, you will find it very easy to match this particular trend with almost anything that you have in your wardrobe too. Pick any  sexy australian lingerie top or blouse with brush stroke from your wardrobe and team it with a neutral skirt or trousers and vice versa. Even a nice pairs of stilettos with brush stroke prints will do the trick for you.

Stay on of the diva list this summer with these top five fashion trends in formal dresses . You can bet your bottom dollar on that you are surely going to be a head turner. 

The Evolution of Ties and how well did it established before ages

It is certain and bound to happen that many things in fashion have a practical reason like the long coats will keep people warm on cold days. One piece of fashion that has kept all the men intact and look up to their fashion is their ties. There is a Fashion article that describe about the different ties that are to be worn for different occasions.

Though there has been a serious evolution of men’s fashion for past four centuries, the culture of wearing the ties based on the suit and the shirt has always been a vital and important part in their fashion since the tie that they wear speaks about how well a person could present himself in any situation that matters. If a person is wanted to be taken seriously, then the tie that he wears should be the best to show him off as a elegant person around.

Five Easy tips and tricks to match the shirt with the tie

Below are the five easy tips and tricks to follow to match the shirt that the person wears that goes well hand in hand with the ties.

  • Stripes on Stripes- The key to mix the micro stripes with the repp stripes is that it varies the pattern scale and keeps colors tonal.
  • Plain Shirt and a brown tie- A plain blue shirt with a brown and a black tie would complement each other.
  • Gray Matters – Gray Makes every classic shirt pattern just a little bit cooler and it is the best backdrop for any tie.
  •  Pink Tone- A light pink shirt with any dark plain tie would be best option for a best day.
  • Chambray Shirt- A chambray shirt is a smart bet for business casuals especially with a spirited dotted ties.

There are lot more combinations other than what is mentioned above to make a man look so formal and elegant. By following the above combinations, it takes a moment to praise any person who have worn the suitable ties at suitable situation

Points for choosing the perfect gift

Corporate gifts are a great way of connecting with your clients. They are helpful in making your organization better. There is no particular time to gift your clients. Whenever you feel like making your clients special, you can gift them. This way, you will be able to strengthen the bond between your client and your company. However, the path to choosing a perfect gift isn’t as simple as it may seem. You have to go through a lot of choices and gifting companies before you settle for a gift. But before that, you have to know some points for choosing the perfect gift. This will make you good at corporate gifts Singapore.

Be well informed about your client

Your choice of gift might be different from what your client expects. You need to know your client in order to gift them something of their choice. If you are well informed about your client, you can look for some dietary preferences or something personal. Or else, you could ask your clients about their hobbies. This would be a good way of starting off a conversation and getting an idea for your gifts.

Gift With A Message

Gifts can be more than just a present. Sometimes, it can a means to communicate thoughts and feelings. Along with thinking about the needs and likes of your client, you have to think about the message which you want your gift to convey. There are different choices for different people and different occasions. Make sure your gift aligns with the work of your client. Your gift should be something that your client is passionate about. Overall, the gift must be presented with a message which is easy to convey and can be of use to your client. You can also personalize your gifts according to your choice. You could provide a handwritten card or engrave the name of your company. However, make sure that your message is passed without looking overly promotional.

Communicating Quality

There should be no compromise with your gifts and you should choose a high quality of gift as it will reflect your company. Every aspect of a gift reflects the quality of the gift. The quality can be reflected in the packaging and delivery of the gift. The unboxing experience of your gift should be a memorable one for your client. It is the moment where your client has the first-hand experience of your gift and get to know its value.

Great Customer Experience

The experience with your gifting company is an important factor when choosing a gifting company but at the same time, you must pay attention to the after service of the gift. You must ensure that your client gets good customer service from the gifting company after your gift is delivered. If your gift is perishable, make sure that the company has good policies in case there is any problem with your gift. Also, make sure that there are proper instruction manuals provided along with the gift if your gift requires any such instructions.


These points are certainly going to make your gifting experience memorable, both for yourself and your client.

Art gallery is a perfect place for the best ideas

Getting to an art gallery can take into consideration certain points that work with captured attention of thinking. This can capture the attention which can help to decorate the homes the opportunity can make a choice of styles and the art that can be loved, the most necessarily a remarkable one which takes into consideration the impressionism that works with the difference between the abstract and impressionism in terms of its bit stuck one. An abstract is a painting which can get around with the depiction of anything that is not real.This does not take into consideration a person place or even a thing. But if the effect the painting of colors is used in the form of shapes, forms as well as other Marks that can work with the stroke of paint and is seemingly random slash.

Going with the splash of colours

This can also strictly speak with the separation and withdrawal or something else.This can be also considered to be really representational the modern touch can be also brought about with captivity modern art which works with the appreciation of all the spheres.This is something we shall cover the works in the traditional techniques as well as styles.It can work with tricky terms that fits modern art.It can help to a subject which exists in the real world. This can also work with unique perspective. This is brought before in terms of the rejection of the accepted our traditional styles as well as values. It can also work with rational world that came into spirit of experimentation.

Fresh perspective is really important

It works with a fresh perspective to every aspect of existence. The third category can also work in the form of an impressionist. Most popular artwork is considered to be the first modern movement in terms of painting which is actually developed in the form of a practice that works with light and brushwork the idea can also work with the essence of a subject that helps in relying on the d list depictions.This works with new scientific research takes into consideration the exact representation of color and tone. It works with perfection that matters in beautifying the subject storytelling is really subjective pop out is also an emerging one which works with the fund today in all age groups.


This is really a great addition which works with teenagers room women’s retreat or awesome man ‘s cave. It can work in the form of a language that crosses generations. This is also considered to be the imagery of the popular culture and mass media working in terms of news movie stars advertisements as well as comic books. It represents a challenge to traditional fine art. It can also draw inspiration from the providing fun as well as color one can choose to go with all kinds of contemporary true as well as minimalist decor. The idea can also work with cubism that can take into consideration all the styles of the art. It also works with full appreciation that considers the moment to be quite an abstract one. It can also reflect the style of realism.