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The Evolution of Ties and how well did it established before ages

It is certain and bound to happen that many things in fashion have a practical reason like the long coats will keep people warm on cold days. One piece of fashion that has kept all the men intact and look up to their fashion is their ties. There is a Fashion article that describe about the different ties that are to be worn for different occasions.

Though there has been a serious evolution of men’s fashion for past four centuries, the culture of wearing the ties based on the suit and the shirt has always been a vital and important part in their fashion since the tie that they wear speaks about how well a person could present himself in any situation that matters. If a person is wanted to be taken seriously, then the tie that he wears should be the best to show him off as a elegant person around.

Five Easy tips and tricks to match the shirt with the tie

Below are the five easy tips and tricks to follow to match the shirt that the person wears that goes well hand in hand with the ties.

  • Stripes on Stripes- The key to mix the micro stripes with the repp stripes is that it varies the pattern scale and keeps colors tonal.
  • Plain Shirt and a brown tie- A plain blue shirt with a brown and a black tie would complement each other.
  • Gray Matters – Gray Makes every classic shirt pattern just a little bit cooler and it is the best backdrop for any tie.
  •  Pink Tone- A light pink shirt with any dark plain tie would be best option for a best day.
  • Chambray Shirt- A chambray shirt is a smart bet for business casuals especially with a spirited dotted ties.

There are lot more combinations other than what is mentioned above to make a man look so formal and elegant. By following the above combinations, it takes a moment to praise any person who have worn the suitable ties at suitable situation